Wet Dustless Blasting

Wet  Dustless Blasting 

Wet Dustless Blasting is very similar to dry sand blasting but instead of using air and media, it introduces an abrasive into the high pressure water and leaves a dust free environment.

 Suitable for use on -

•    Concrete - at low pressure for cleaning and washing away corrosive salts and/or in
     Concrete Repair at Higher Pressures for exposing aggregate, removing surface
     coatings and removing rust from Rebar.
•     Stone – at Low Pressure for Gentle Cleaning and Graffiti removal.
•     Brick – at Low Pressure for Gentle Cleaning or removal of Masonry Paint.
•     Timber – at Low Pressure for stripping paint from hard woods.
•     Fibreglass  – At Low Pressure for paint and coating removal.
•     Steel – At High Pressure for dust free cleaning of rust and paint from structures such
      as ships, bridges, tanks, girders etc.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the most appropriate method of blasting to suit your requirements.

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